Doctor Masooda Jalal daughter of Alhaj Tellah Mohammad was born in Gulbahar district of Kapisa in a middle-class and educated family. She originally comes from Khastak village of Jorm district, Badakhshan province. She completed her primary and secondary education at Gulbahar High School. In 1361, she graduated from Rabia-e Balkhi High School and entered Kabul Medical Institute the same year. She obtained her degree from the Kabul Medical Institute in 1367. In 1368 she started her service as an ear and throat physician at Maiwand Hospital. Later, she was appointed at the Mental Health Hospital. From 1372-1375 she was director of the women’s rights section of the Women’s High Organization (Moasesa-e Aali Naswan). She was later appointed as an academic member of the Children’s Department of Kabul Medical Institute, and served as a doctor at Ataturk Hospital. In 1375 she worked for UNHCR. She has also worked as an advisor and National Program Officer for the World Health Organization.

Minister Masooda-Jalal Women