Biography of Dr. Zalmai Rasoul

Dr. Rasoul son of Professor Abdul Qayoum Rasoul was born in 1323 in Kabul. He completed his primary and secondary education at Estiqlal Lycee. He has a doctorate degree in medicine from Paris.
Some of his major achievements are as follows:
Physician at the Paris Cardiology Research Institute, chief of Haqiqat-e Afghan publication in Paris during the Afghan jehad, physician at the Saudi Arabia Armed Forces Hospital, chief of staff for the office of His Majesty Mohammad Zaher Shah, Father of the Nation in Rome, Minister of Civil Aviation and Tourism during the Interim Authority and National Security Advisor.
Dr. Rasoul speaks Pashtu, Dari, English, French, Italian and Arabic. He has published more than thirty academic medical works in American and European medical publications. He is a member of the American Society of Nephrology.