Biography of Sayed Makhdoom Rahin, Minister of Information and Culture

Dr. Rahin was born in Kabul in 1325. Following the completion of his education in Afghanistan, he travelled to Tehran for the purpose of obtaining his MA and Doctorate degrees. He obtained his doctorate in Dari literature from Tehran University in 1352. He worked as a professor at Kabul University after his return to the country. Later, he served as Dirctor of the Culture and Arts Department at the Ministry of Information and Culture.
Dr. Rahin was a member of the Constitutional Drafting Commission during the Daud Khanís presidency. He was a participant in the Loya Jirga of 1356. He immigrated to Pakistan after the Saur Revolution.
He served as Special Advisor in the Interim Government of Hazrat Mojadedi. A contemporary poet and prominent writer, Dr. Rahin has conducted research in the field Islamic Culture, Literature, Hisotry and Rule. In 1377, Dr. Rahin was accepted as a member of the Executive Committee of the Loya Jirga in Rome, and from then on participated in all the activities related to the Loya Jirga until the convening of the Bonn Conference. He also continued his work as Chairman of the Peace and Democracy Association for Afghanistan and participated in several gatherings. Dr. Rahin was appointed Minister of Information and Culture during the Interim Authority, and was elected Chairman of the Kabul Citizensí Council in September 2003. At the request of the President (Karzai), Father of the Nation awarded him the the Service Medal for his work in the area of freedom of expression and culture.

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