Biography of Sayed Mohammad Amin Fatemi, Minister of Public Health

Dr. Sayed Mohammad Amin Fatemi was born on 15 January 1952 in Nangarhar province. In 1347, he graduated from Habibya High School and obtained his MD degree in medicine from the Medical Faculty of Nangarhar University. He has also participated in the higher training program at Bonn University, and obtained an STD degree from the Karachi Public Administration Institute and a certificate in medical care in developing countries and ‘new medical policy tracks for develping countries’ from Boston University in 1995.
Mr. Fatemi has worked as a general physician in Badakhshan, teacher at the Kamel Public Health Institute and member of the Medical Training Department, founder and director of IRC educational program, founder and director of the educational and training programs of Ittihad-e Islami Mujahideen [Sayyaf ?], member of the advisory and executive council of the Ministry of Public Health in the interim Mujahideen government, Deputy Minister of Public Health, First Deputy Minister of Public Health, and from 1993-1995 as Minister of Public Health.
Mr. Fatemi has also worked as temporary advisor to WHO in Geneva and the Mediterranean region, permanent advisor to WHO for the Eastern Mediterranean region, as member of the WHO Executive Board from 1992-1994, as member of the Executive Board of the Medical Services Development Organization for Afghanistan and member of the gynecology hospital for Afghan refugees. He is also a member of the Order of Good Time in Canada. Mr. Fatemi has participated in various academic conferences and has published books on medical care, correct and incorrect use of modern drugs and first aide.

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